Ready to Go fundamentals

Our Ready to Go fundamentals range comprises of 20 bite-size, generic, multi-device e-learning courses which put the fun back into learning.

The courses cover topics such as Communication skills, Leadership and management, Negotiating skills and more. The modules are available via our Ready to Go e-commerce platform, or for you to upload to your own SCORM compliant LMS and are available singly or in bundles on an annual licence basis. For a quick overview of the range, have a look at our fundamentals video.

The full list of courses can be seen below:

Communication skills

Great Communication
Head in the sand? Hitting difficult conversations head on
It's what you don't say What non-verbal communication says
Two ears; one mouth Learn how to listen effectively
I like talking to you The art of building a strong rapport
Great Presentations
Perfect prep All the work before you stand up and speak
On the edge of their seats How to grab your audience's attention… and keep it
Great Meetings
Chair in control The key to chairing a meeting effectively
Minutes matter The art behind making your minutes meaningful
A Great Influencer
Sway this way How to influence group discussions and decisions
Tug of war Overcoming resistance to change
Seal the deal! Increasing your bargaining power

Personal development skills

Act SMART What makes SMART goals smart?
Assert yourself Ways to assess and improve your own assertiveness
Where did the day go? Recognising what wastes your time
What first? The art of prioritisation

Management and leadership skills

A matter of style What your management style says about you
I prefer the carrot Motivation through reward and recognition
Let Stan do it The gift of two-way delegation

Team development skills

From form to perform How to get the best from your team
Strength far and wide Building a strong foundation for all effective virtual teams

For more information on each module including learning objectives, please download our course catalogue or visit our Ready to Go learning site.  To view a demo of one of our courses, click here.

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