Walkgrove has developed its own SCORM 1.2 compliant LMS specifically for organisations looking for a cost effective and comprehensive tool.

Svelte’s USP is simplicity. It tracks e-learning and provides valuable usage reports to ensure organisations can manage their e-learning content and learners simply and effectively.

Svelte in brief

  • Can be hosted either by customer organisation or by Walkgrove
  • Can be customised for clients that have very particular and specific needs including single sign-on and integrations with other learning management and IT systems
  • Option for multi-lingual user interface in either English, French, Spanish or Arabic (other languages are available by request)
  • Principal learner functionality includes:
    • Optional self-registration
    • Access to allocated modules
    • Review module summary/details
    • Launch modules
    • Add module feedback/comments
    • Print module completion certificate
  • Tier 1 admin functionality includes:
    • Add new users –single and bulk upload
    • Update user details
    • Create job/role profiles
    • Assign learners to job/role profile
    • Assign modules to job/role profiles
    • Access, view and download reports
  • Optional tier 2 admin functionality (to cater for parent/subsidiary structure)
    • Functionality as above (some will move from tier 1 to tier 2)
    • Bespoke banners for each subsidiary/department
    • Access, view and download subsidiary specific reports














Svelte can also be integrated with other systems be that via active directory or a custom API.  

If you would like more information including pricing and hosting options, or to request a demonstration of the platform, give us a call or use our contact form below.





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