Custom portals

Are you tired of the time and effort it takes to track down everything you need? How great would it be if it could all be in the same place?

Walkgrove's learning portals allow you to consolidate everything there is to know on a subject or business area into one place. They bring e-learning courses, videos, newsletters, documents, podcasts, social media and other online tools together. The user only needs to know to go to one place and from there everything they could possibly need is just a click, tap or swipe away.

Drawing on your brand, we create inspiring and interactive portals that invite the user to visit regularly, share their views and rate the content. Not always restricted to learning, they can help focus teams and encourage the wider employee base to unite as a community.

To learn about the bespoke portal we developed for Transport for London / FORS Online, read our case study.

If you would like more information on how we can help you implement a custom portal to suit your requirements, get in touch by filling out our contact form below.

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