Training needs analysis

Walkgrove is equipped to carry out TNAs at organisational, occupational or individual level.

If you know the overall objectives of an organisation and the profiles, jobs and tasks of the staff who run it, it becomes possible to tailor training activities to the needs of an organisation in addition to the needs of the staff.

It also helps an organisation to identify who should, and who should not participate in specific training events. The immediate gains are motivated participants and enhanced job satisfaction. The longer term gains are the longer lasting effects of training, when needs have been addressed at the right time in the right way.

Conducting a needs analysis is usually done to gauge what training is needed for new employees or to identify and find solutions to:

  • Performance problems
  • New systems, tasks or technologies
  • An organisation-wide need

In terms of methodologies, there are many tools that can be employed depending on the need to be analysed.  These range from researching existing data and evaluations, through to questioning and observation.  The data collected is analysed enabling informed decisions to be taken about what to do next to improve human or organisational conditions and performance.  

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