At home, at school (even if it is a temporary shelter in a remote corner of the world), at work or on the move people are connecting to learning online.

In 'all-at-the-same-time' (synchronous) mode learners might be using conferencing and webinar tools such as Adobe Connect and WebEx, social media such as Twitter and Yammer, or chat and voice combinations such as Skype. In 'own-time' (asynchronous) mode they are using podcasts, video streams, slide-casts, tutorial-based e-learning, forums as in Moodle and Blackboard, and collaborative group-working tools such as mind-mapping and post-it note canvasses.

The secret of success lies in four areas:

  1. Using the right tools for the job
  2. The quality of design
  3. Effective facilitation
  4. The sensible linking of online learning with face-to-face activity including actual work

Walkgrove can help in the following ways:

  • We can train and coach your online designers so that they produce imaginative, interactive and effective resources for online learning
  • We can train your facilitators so that they provide the right type of support to meet the needs of learners with a mix of levels of ability and motivation
  • We can help you to select the right tool for live online learning, and build your skills and capacity for using it
  • We can provide you with a design service – leave it to us to put together the images, whiteboards, polls and scripts you need to run an effective webinar
  • We can coach and mentor your live online presenters and facilitators and stay with them as session host and background trouble-shooter when they go live online
  • We can help you to moderate groups of online learners working in Moodle or other learning management systems

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