Diagnostic assessments

Nothing demotivates and disengages a learner more than having to work through topics they know well and already practise with confidence and competence. They become frustrated because their individual learning needs and preferences have been ignored.

Walkgrove has developed a range of diagnostic assessments which create a tailored learning experience that works equally well for e-learning and blended learning programmes. By first assessing a learner's competence and confidence related to the knowledge and skills required in a specific area, the diagnostic can identify gaps and suggest a tailored and unique learning journey for each learner, drawing on relevant resources.

So, you can say goodbye to time-wasting, irrelevant study and join our clients who are benefiting from the intelligent application of diagnostics.

To view examples of our diagnostics assessments projects, click on the featured case studies below. 

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Featured case studies


Homes & Communities Agency

Competency-based self-evaluation tool to highlight skills gaps

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An employability assessment tool used to generate a learner’s initial learning plan

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Career development comprising of video, self-assessment, research and planning tools

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