Christmas 2017

18 December 2017 | Jack Baker | , , , ,

Christmas jumper day was last Friday and Walkgrove is delighted to announce that with the somewhat questionable knitwear, jazzy jumpers and buffet of the year, we took  part in this cracking annual event that we are proud to support. We were thrilled to contribute to such a meaningful cause – as all proceeds will be going to the Save the Children Foundation. 

Walkgrove encourages everyone to get involved and help save those children in need. This time of year is perfect for getting together and supporting those less fortunate than ourselves – and Christmas is all about giving, so what better way than to make the world better with a sweater on the 15th of December and give a child a better life.

With a £2 donation from everyone involved we can help bring all the basic essentials, like hot meals, healthcare, education and protection, to millions of children around the world. There are still 389,000 children in need in England alone and millions around the world. No child should suffer due to the location they were born in and Walkgrove has contributed to help make a difference.  


We have worked closely with Save the Children Sweden by using our expertise in training and development. Here is what Martin Svensson – resource manager had to say about us. ‘Walkgrove Ltd has been instrumental in helping us at Save the Children Sweden develop an online training for staff and partners on implementing child rights in our everyday programming. Walkgrove has guided and helped us, not only to develop the technical parts of the e-learning but also to understand what kind of information and knowledge is suitable for transfer through an online training’.

Walkgrove is very active in the humanitarian sector, and we are always looking for new opportunities to get involved in and use our expert team to design brilliant training solutions. Make sure you check out our twitter page to see all the details and catch a glimpse of the team in their finest festive woollies and help spread the word!