My Apprenticeship Experience with Walkgrove

Big changes in 2016

18 April 2016 | Mia Lewis | , , ,

I had begun my Social Media and Digital Marketing apprenticeship at a Design Agency, but soon found myself redundant since my post no longer fitted their new business plan. Being employed by Walkgrove was my first step into the e-learning industry, which prior to joining I hadn’t thought was particularly large nor had much going for it! 

Upon arriving at Walkgrove I certainly had my eyes opened by the time and effort they put into creating an e-learning solution for their clients. I was also surprised by the huge circles we work within, supporting the most established of businesses to help their employees be the best they can be. Needless to say I certainly felt a tinge of being the littlest fish within a rather large pond.


East Midlands Chamber logo with borderHaving been here several months now, the feeling has gradually subsided as I’ve become more familiar with the company and my job role. I’ve been rather fortunate so far that my time here has been taken up predominantly with learning, both to cover the criteria required by my apprenticeship provider, and to gain a better understanding of marketing and social media within the e-learning world.  Working for Walkgrove has given me time to advance my Microsoft Office skills, attend online webinars both for market research and social media workshops as well as allowing me time to explore the programmes we use in-house for marketing.

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I can definitely see a long future here at Walkgrove, and hope to secure a full-time qualified position when my apprenticeship finishes next year. I’ve got the guts to make a statement so bold at such an early stage, because of the confidence Walkgrove has exhibited in my abilities and willingness to let me learn new skills for my job role, as well as use those skills to help my colleagues with their workloads. And what’s more – I love it here!

If Walkgrove put the same amount of effort into building a rapport with clients and creating a custom made course as they do to welcoming new employees and adjusting to their needs, I’m positive that anyone who works with us at Walkgrove won’t regret their choice, and will leave with a beautifully tailored e-learning course to suit their every requirement.