eLN CONNECT Network 2018

Fostering a mind-set of curiosity

4 December 2018 | Deshaun Hancock | , ,

Being relatively new to the world of e-learning, it’s easy to get lost in the jargon used daily to discuss, explain and understand the various elements that contribute to and surround the phenomenon that is e-learning. I quickly came to realise this when acronyms like LMS and API were being fired around along with phrases like “learning culture”, “immersive learning” and “blended solutions”.

The recent eLN CONNECT Network event that myself and colleague, Jack, attended on behalf of Walkgrove offered a unique opportunity to explore these themes, attend debates and network with other individuals in the field.

As well as this, we heard a thought-provoking keynote about how AI is changing the design and delivery of e-learning. I remember sitting and waiting for it to start and observing my pre-conception that the presentation would feel so far ahead of now that I would probably forget about it not long after it being over. However, what really happened is that I noticed how much AI is already so integrated into our daily lives, not only on a personal level, but on a business level too – that it’s not far in the future at all and is very much in the here and now. Google? AI. Smartphones? AI. Social media feeds? AI. Music streaming services? AI.

We also heard from Julie Dirksen, a renowned instructional designer, who delved into design for behaviour change - plucking elements from neuroscience, behavioural economics, behavioural psychology and persuasive technology – all quite fascinating.

We finished the day with a debate about the future of e-learning and where the industry is heading and upon reflection of the day I realised that there was a common theme throughout all discussions, debates and presentations… to foster a mind-set of curiosity. No matter what role or position – never stop asking why. Curiosity is a catalyst for development, progress and evolution and we must always try to hold space for that inner child of ours who always wants to ask why?