beTravelwise Interview

The project journey, through the eyes of an ID

27 October 2016 | Sophie Tilley | , , ,

Tell me a bit about the Travelwise courses…

We were approached by travel consultants, beTravelwise, to create a suite of courses to help business travellers stay safe when they’re away on business.

When companies require their employees to engage in duty travel, they have a responsibility to them. An e-learning course with a compulsory assessment is one way that companies can demonstrate their commitment to the safety of their employees.


So what was the brief?

We were asked to create a suite of short modules to cover a range of different issues that may be encountered by business traveller. Each module should last no more than 20 minutes.


And did you face any particular challenges with this project?

Well, there was a lot of important information to convey in a short time, so it was a challenge to find a way to deliver key learning objectives succinctly.  We were also dealing with some quite tricky subject matter that might actually put people off travelling at all! It was important that our message was one of positive reinforcement, inspiring confidence through knowledge and best practice advice. 


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Ok- so how did you respond?

We tried to make the short amount of learning time work to our advantage. It was a good way of getting down to the most important information. But it also meant that we had to get creative with how we put across some of the learning. 

We devised high impact animations to convey key information in short, entertaining bursts that got to the heart of various issues (like bite prevention) in under one minute.


As you know, making our courses as engaging as possible is a big part of what we try to achieve at Walkgrove, how did you approach this?

Again, the way we divided the content went a long way to maintain interest. The animations were a great way to break up the learning. Letting the learner choose what they viewed and when was also key to keeping them interested as they didn’t feel forced to complete mandatory activities in a prescribed way.

We also introduced the convention of best and worst practice characters in the form of Mr Travelwise, Ms Travel wise and Mr Not Travelwise. They allowed us to use humour to show key behaviours and safely demonstrate situations the learner would want to avoid.  


What’s your favourite bit of the course?

I’m a huge believer in giving learners the freedom to discover their own learning journey. With the BTW courses, I loved that I was able to design a free-form experience, so that each short topic could be viewed in any order with no fixed path.

Really, we’re giving learners the chance to assess their own learning needs and respond to them; experienced travellers could view the most relevant material for them, whilst more inexperienced learners could spend time studying the course in more depth.

I also really love the animation style- I still find them funny even though I have watched them so often!

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Have we had any feedback yet?

Yes! We had a lovely thank you gift and letter sent to us by Travelwise themselves (which made me a bit emotional actually!!) They said:

“We feel incredibly lucky being told about Walkgrove in the first place, enjoyed our working with you enormously and love what you have produced.”


The courses have also been reviewed by the company Learning Light who have given us top marks! They said that the courses were, ”excellent examples of engaging e-learning” and that:

This is e-learning  that will deliver clear recall when needed and will go to building one of the highest learning achievements of all…engendering good habits in everyday international business travel.

Needless to say, we’re really proud of this work!


Have you learnt anything yourself through working with this client?

Absolutely! I travel quite a lot, for work and pleasure and have honestly found myself changing my behaviour to become more Travelwise! Especially in my preparation to travel and safety precautions I take when travelling on my own.