UNHCR - Sexual and gender-based violence training

By the very nature of the work that they do, all UNHCR courses deal with highly sensitive and ‘difficult’ topics and subjects and are aimed at a worldwide, highly dispersed audience; most of whom do not have English as their first language.

This project, comprising around 6½ hours of learning, is designed for international and national UNHCR staff who work in Protection, Community Services, Field, Programme, and in UNHCR IPs/strategic partners. It looks at key concepts that will help UNHCR staff recognise Sexual and Gender-based violence (SGBV) and then identify actions that should be taken. At the end of the course, learners are in a better position to prevent and respond to SGBV in their daily work, in line with current global standards. More specifically, at the end of this course learners are able to: 

  • Explain what SGBV and protection from SGBV means
  • Identify the underlying causes and risk factors contributing to SGBV using the ecological model
  • Identify the possible consequences of SGBV
  • Analyse when and where SGBV could be occurring in your operation
  • Identify links to short and longer term prevention and response strategies
  • Identify SGBV as a human rights violation
  • Describe the relationship between rights holders and duty bearers
  • Analyse the ability to exercise rights and the violations of rights in your operation
  • Explain the sources of these rights
  • Explain the importance of the multi-sectoral model
  • Implement effective and ethical data collection
  • Describe UNHCR’s keys stages to put SGBV PROTECTION into operation: coordination, situation analysis, implementing prevention and response, monitoring and evaluating
  • Develop effective objectives and strategies to prevent the causes of SGBV in the short and long term
  • Monitor and document the steps taken

The materials are developed using UNHCR’s preferred development tool, eXact Packager, and deployed via their Cornerstone LMS. 

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6½ hours of learning, extremely sensitive subject matter delivered to a global audience