Queensland TAFE

QTAFE offer the choice of online and bended programs, meaning that students can choose the delivery method that best suits their learning style and can access TAFE courses from across Australia and around the world.

With over 7000 students taking advantage of distance and online training programs advertised in 2013, it was evident that growth in these programs was set to continue.

During the course of 2015, Walkgrove contributed to the availability of over 25 additional online courses.

This task involved:

  • Design of visual storyboards
  • Development of interactive online learning materials
  • Creation of validated assessments
  • Facilitator guides and other associated assets

These learning materials were designed to offer an engaging online experience through the use of visuals, media and interactive elements.

Walkgrove worked with Senior Product Architects (SPAs) to ensure that all learning materials met strict style guides, exceeded accessibility requirements and were deployed successfully within an LMS environment.

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Walkgrove is proud to be a preferred supplier to TAFE QLD