Post Office - Team Management

The Post Office wanted to create a business-wide training programme to ensure that their people managers are equipped to deliver business goals through effective management of their teams.

This programme was designed to ensure consistency in management training for new and existing people managers. It is designed to give them the confidence to manage colleagues effectively by helping with fundamentals of people policy and performance management. It enables managers to ensure their people are encouraged to achieve their full potential and ultimately transform the Post Office into a high performing, revenue generating organisation that employees are proud to work for.

Looking for a truly blended programme that combined excellence in classroom delivery and masterclasses, with leading edge digital resources and follow-up activities the Post Office commissioned Walkgrove who teamed up with Premier Partnership, the leading public sector classroom based delivery company to work together to develop this blended learning solution.

Walkgrove designed a self-assessment programme to be completed by managers, prior to the classroom course. The assessment targets their competence and the necessary confidence to carry out their role as a best in class people manager. Managers’ responses are summarised in a spider diagram that indicates their competence and confidence levels.

The self-assessment comprises sixty questions and takes about an hour to complete – so it is pretty comprehensive. Learners are told what ‘good’ looks like and they then assess themselves as Experts, Practitioners or Novices in terms of competence.

In addition to the self-assessment, Walkgrove developed six pre-course modules to deliver underpinning knowledge in the management topics covered by the workshops and masterclasses. Managers are able to go back to the assessment following each event and change their competence and confidence ratings as they develop their expertise in management and leadership.

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