Post Office - Sales skills training

Constructed around a series of case study examples, this program uses an appropriate mix of on-screen text, video and audio to provide an introduction to selling and marketing for customer-facing staff.

Good e-learning isn’t just about screen design and functionality.  It is about creative writing too.  Straight instructional material can be made more entertaining by, for example, focusing on a case study where a slick salesman was trying to sell a customer an elephant as a means of transport.

We used a range of interactions to make front-line staff more aware of the commercial environment and introduce some simple sales and marketing techniques, including cross-selling.  

What the client had to say:

“I’m really impressed with the quality of this e-learning.  The messages are clear, it’s easy to use – just what I envisaged at the start.  Thanks!”

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Sales skills training and Introduction to selling and marketing for customer-facing staff