NHS - System simulation training

The Doctor’s Rostering System (DRS) is a software application developed within the NHS and managed by National Workforce Projects (NWP) to help Trusts manage their Junior Doctors’ hours according to the rules defined by the Working Time Directive (WTD) and the New Deal.

There was a requirement for two training applications: 

  • A diagnostic tool to assess the user’s level of knowledge
  • Contextualised modular help to provide additional help for users of the system

There was also a requirement for an administration application for management information.

Once logged in, the assessment tool is presented as a device that enables the NWP team to tailor the face-to-face training according to the needs of the attendees.  The readiness of the user to attend the face-to-face training is assessed by measuring their responses to approximately 25 questions from a bank of 50.

The contextualised modular help is designed as a series of stand-alone modules that are launched from appropriate points within the DRS application itself. All modules are task based as opposed to system based.

The Administrative module is a password protected application that enables the NWP DRS team to access and review data relating to both the diagnostic assessment tool and the contextualised modular help.


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System simulation training for the Doctor’s Rostering System (DRS)