MSCC - Safeguarding children training

The Marine Society and Sea Cadets Charity (MSSC) recognises that e-learning is an ideal format for delivering training to its volunteers and trainers because it means that they are able to study at home at a time that is convenient to them rather than spending time travelling to conventional training courses.

Aimed at all 9,000+ volunteers and trainers, this refresher course aims to remind learners of their safeguarding role when working with young people.  Completion every three years is mandatory.  

Constructed around four realistic and recognisable stories set in a familiar context, the course provides knowledge and understanding of safeguarding in relation to Child Protection when working as a member of the Sea Cadets.

After completing the course, the learner is able to:

  • Define a child, a cadet and an adult MSSC member
  • Define and state the current reality of child abuse
  • Recognise the four different types of child abuse
  • Explain the MSSC safeguarding policy and how and when to apply it
  • State how and where to find support or advice
  • Describe the Sea Cadet's adult duty to speak out
  • Deal with allegations, suspicions or concerns using best practice procedures
  • Recall the circumstances when action must be taken
  • State which MSSC publications are available for further information and where to find them
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Scenario-based mandatory training to remind 9,000+ learners of their safeguarding role