Maximus UK - Information and data security training

Companies across the globe are under increasing threat from cyber-attacks to gain access to data and systems with malicious intent. This can range from causing disruption to systems, to stealing and selling on sensitive customer and staff data. Maximus has a number of systems in place to protect itself from such attacks, however, this was being circumvented by staff members who were lacking the necessary vigilance and knowledge.

Maximus selected Walkgrove to develop an Information, Data and Customer Security e-learning course to ensure all staff are aware of the policies and procedures in place across the business. The e-learning was developed to accompany the MAXIMUSSecurity Compliance Handbook. The Handbook is a key element of the Information Security Management System, which enables Maximus to achieve and maintain a high standard of information security.

The course has a very clean and modern look and feel, and the content is broken down into manageable chunks. A case study approach was taken to contextualise the content and ensure the key learning points resonate with the learner. The aim was not only to provide learners with knowledge required to maintain Maximus’ high standard of information security, but to a encourage a behaviour change in all staff.

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Information, data and customer security compliance training for all staff