IFRC - Sphere Project

The Sphere Project selected Walkgrove to develop bespoke e-learning to increase effective use of the Sphere Project Handbook across humanitarian agencies and other humanitarian actors worldwide. Initially, the e-learning is offered in three languages; English, French and Spanish.

The e-learning is aimed at a large and diverse global audience and applicable to anyone who has a role to play in humanitarian work worldwide.

Taking the average learner approximately six to seven hours to complete; the programs are deployed via the IFRC Cornerstone LMS, although it may also be deployed to other learning platforms.

The e-learning offers a consistent learning experience for all, is distributed widely and accessed at any time or multiple times at the learner's convenience. Our design has bite-sized learning at its core; each topic taking no longer than 20 minutes to complete – time considered the optimum for concentration and learning, particularly in demanding environments.

The learner's knowledge and use of the Sphere Handbook is stretched as they become immersed in complex and challenging scenarios constructed around natural disasters and conflict situations in five fictional locations, each with their own considerations and dilemmas.

The main structure of the course draws on themes highlighted in the Humanitarian Charter, the Protection Principles and the Core Standards which are embedded throughout the Handbook. This approach allows the Handbook to be presented from a new angle, in which connections across chapters can be seamlessly presented.

Throughout, the learner is encouraged to take natural breaks and reflect on their own practice and there is no expectation for the course to be completed in one sitting; in fact this approach to the learning is positively discouraged.

The learning is highly visual, multimedia, interactive and memorable. Written in plain English and translated accordingly, it represents a balance of theory, reflection and immersive activities which appeal to all learning styles and keep the learner engaged. 

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Six hours of e-learning, broken into 20 minute bite-size modules