Homes & Communities Agency - Self diagnostic

Aimed at professionals in the sustainable homes and communities sector such as planners, engineers, developers, regeneration specialists, housing specialists, economists, environmental scientists and architects, these skills checkers form an integral part of blended solutions covering carbon management and cohesion.

Each skills checker comprises a number of competency-based questions grouped into skill-sets. Having selected one of those skill-sets from the main menu, users are presented with some related background information or a case study. They are then asked to assess their own competency and ‘rate’ themselves as one of the following: Aware, Basic, Competent, Skilled or Expert.

When all the questions have been answered, the user is presented with a spider-diagram, which maps their skills competency levels.

Our intuitive interface design enables users to make their own navigational choices and use the tools at their own pace ,and a bookmarking facility enables learners to ‘dip in and out’ without losing their assessment ratings.

A graphical menu not only provides an appealing entry point to the self-assessment questions, but it will also provide learners with a high level overview of the skills matrix and enables them to make choices about which skill-sets they want to focus on.

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Competency-based self-evaluation tool to highlight skills gaps