Core Assets - Ready to Go fundamentals

Core Assets were searching for a range of generic leadership and management e-learning modules that would align with their personal development programme.

After reviewing our Ready to Go fundamentals range, Core Assets chose the following modules for use in that programme:

  • Head in the Sand - hitting difficult conversations head on
  • I like talking to you - the art of building strong rapport
  • I prefer the carrot - motivating through reward and recognition
  • It's what you don't say - what non-verbal communication says
  • Seal the deal - increasing your bargaining power
  • Strength far and wide - building a strong foundation for all effective virtual teams
  • Sway this way - how to influence group discussions and decisions
  • Tug of war - overcoming resistance to change
  • Two ears one mouth - learn how to listen effectively
  • Where did the day go - recognising what wastes your time

 The Core Assets branded modules were loaded onto the company LMS for distribution to all staff.

Download as PDF
Ten Ready to Go fundamentals modules aligned to leadership and management development