BT - System simulation training

As a key contributor to the National Programme for Information Technology, BT is helping to implement the platform lying at the heart of NHS reform. More specifically, BT Health are providing the network and centralised database components for the current IT modernisation programmes in the NHS.  Their work involves many programmes and projects.  For  example, BT Health in London is providing the systems for connecting the database to London NHS Trusts.

To facilitate this work, there is an internal programme to provide the tools necessary to enable efficient service delivery. One of these tools is Live-Link, a document management system.

Live-Link is a web-based document management/workflow system which manages the process of creating, reviewing and authorising documents.  The system is being rolled out across the whole of BT Health and currently, some users are using the system to store documentation.  Face-to-face training and some limited e-learning material had been provided but BT approached Walkgrove to develop a comprehensive system simulation for up to 3,500 users of the system.

In terms of treatment and use of media, our solution encompassed the following key features:

  • Relevance – focusing on tasks for example “I want to create a document”
  • Modularity – modules are typically a maximum of ten minutes duration
  • Simplicity and ease of use – free of gimmicks and distractions

We structured the e-learning around a generic process flow diagram which illustrates the end-to-end process.  Within each step of the process, there are a number of sub-processes or exceptions.  This approach enabled us to create a highly modular, task-focused solution so that a user can access relevant learning quickly and easily according to their role and the task in hand.

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A highly modular, task-focused, system simulation e-learning module