Australia Post - Generic e-learning

We are proud to have Australia Post as Walkgrove Australia's first client.  Australia Post were searching for a range of generic e-learning modules that would align with their personal development programme.  

After reviewing our Ready to Go fundamentals range, Australia Post chose the following modules for use in that programme:

  • Chair in control - the key to chairing a meeting effectively
  • Minutes matter - the art behind making your minutes meaningful
  • Act SMART - what makes SMART goals smart?
  • Assert yourself - ways to assess and improve your own assertiveness
  • Where did the day go? - recognising what wastes your time
  • What first? - the art of prioritisation
  • From form to perform - how to get the best from your team

 These Australia Post branded modules were loaded onto the company LMS for distribution to all staff.

Download as PDF
Use of seven Ready to Go fundamentals modules in personal development programme