ASOS - System training

The ASOS 'Merret' system, the omnichannel supply chain solution developed by Retail Assisthad recently been updated to include two major changes that reflect strategic and operational changes within the business.  As this new release of the system presents significant change for the operational roles that use it, ASOS needed to raise awareness of and, where appropriate, allow users to interact with these key changes in a safe and supportive training environment that does not depend on live data.

There were 13 business roles that needed to be trained on the new features and functionality prior to the launch of the software in mid-February 2014.  Each role interacts with and uses the Merret system in a different way. Therefore the content had to be differentiated by role.

Historically, Merret system training had been carried out via face to face knowledge transfer sessions, and online slide packs.  Because Merret is critical to the running of ASOS’ business, our challenge was to make the learning as exciting and engaging as possible.  We achieved this through the use of engaging graphics in line with ASOS branding, and the introduction of a character Cara, who accompanies the learner through the module.

The practical learning primarily consists of opportunities to interact with short simulations of the Merret system. Such system simulations function in two modes: Show Me and Try It.  Try It mode prompts the learner to try the interaction for themselves; giving feedback and further support and guidance depending on how successfully the learner completes the interaction.

The total learning time for this project was two hours. Walkgrove were able to design, develop and deliver the to content in only eight weeks. 

What the client had to say:

"Walkgrove have been fantastic at helping us, at ASOS, bring our systems training into the 21st century and guiding us to deliver it in a way that fits our brand identity.  E-learning has been well received by the teams and will now form a large part of our training programme going forward. Walkgrove have met challenging targets we have set but remained a pleasure to work with throughout and we look forward to building on our relationship in the future."

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System training for 330 staff and external suppliers